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Extending Social Data

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on January 08, 2015 15:57

Once social data is obtained within the Email Marketing software, you can export it, and create list segments from it

To Export data from the Social Sharing report, click the Export link on the Social Sharing page of your Campaign’s report. 


Fig 47-b: Export Data from Social Sharing Report

To create a List Segment based on Social Sharing data, you could choose the “Has shared socially” from the drop down as a condition and then choose the campaign and Social Media site.


 Fig 47-c: Create List segments based on social sharing data

For instructions on creating List Segments, please go here, List Segment - Social Sharing

You can also create subscriber actions that are based on subscribers’ clicks on any social share icon (within the email body). Go to List>Subscriber Action>add/edit 


 Fig 47-d: Create Subscriber Actions That Are Based On Subscribers’ Clicks