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Personalization Tag Index

Last updated by Roshan Jonah on January 08, 2015 15:52

DescriptionPersonalization TagExample value
Email Address %EMAIL% john@gmail.com
First Name %FIRSTNAME% John
Last Name %LASTNAME% Smith
Full Name %FULLNAME% John Smith
Date Subscribed %SUBDATE% 05/08/2014
Time Subscribed %SUBTIME% 18:29:55
Unsubscribe Link %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%  
Web Copy %WEBCOPY%  
Update Subscription Account Link %UPDATELINK%  
Send to Friend Link %FORWARD2FRIEND%  
Unsubscribe Link (All Lists) %UNSUBSCRIBELINK%&ALL  
Social Submit Links %SOCIALSHARE%  
Facebook Like Button %SOCIAL-FACEBOOK-LIKE%  
Share on Facebook Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-FACEBOOK%  
Share on Facebook Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-FACEBOOK-LINK%  
Share on Twitter Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-TWITTER%  
Share on Twitter Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-TWITTER-LINK%  
Share on Digg Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-DIGG%  
Share on Digg Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-DIGG-LINK%  
Share on Reddit Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-REDDIT%  
Share on Reddit Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-REDDIT-LINK%  
Share on del.icio.us Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-DELICIOUS%  
Share on del.icio.us Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-DELICIOUS-LINK%  
Share on Google+ Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-GPLUS%  
Share on Google+ Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-GPLUS-LINK%  
Share on StumbleUpon Link/Icon %SOCIALSHARE-STUMBLEUPON%  
Share on StumbleUpon Link Only %SOCIALSHARE-STUMBLEUPON-LINK%  
Today’s Date (assuming today is Oct. 24, 2011) %TODAY% 08/14/2014
Today’s Date + 1 %TODAY+1% 08/15/2014
Today’s Date – 1 %TODAY-1% 08/13/2014
List Sender Info %SENDER-INFO% My Company
123 S. Main St,
Auckland, 1041
New Zealand
List Sender Info (single line) %SENDER-INFO-SINGLELINE% My Company, 123 S. Main St, Auckland - 1041, New Zealand
Subscriber’s IP Address %SUBSCRIBERIP%
Subscriber’s List %LISTNAME% General List
Subscriber ID %SUBSCRIBERID% 38
Campaign ID %CAMPAIGNID% 56
Message ID %MESSAGEID% 89