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Last updated by Roshan Jonah on January 08, 2015 15:55

How are Facebook and Twitter Sharing Totals Obtained?

Sharing totals for Facebook and Twitter are currently obtained in the following manner:

If sharing directly from the email (by clicking social share icons within the email), the subscriber who clicked the icon will be tracked – the software will know that particular subscriber clicked the icon. This can be used later for social actions and segments, Social Media on Email If sharing outside of our interface, such as directly pasting the share link into Facebook or Twitter, or by clicking the share icons that reside in various permanent spots (such as the Campaign Reports page, or public message and social views), data will be obtained from both Facebook and Twitter and added to the Campaign Reports page.

Social Sharing Outside of Email

NOTE: Facebook shares are indicated by the number of subscribers who have clicked the

Facebook icon within email messages. For each subscriber, you will see a matching row indicating when they clicked the Facebook icon


Fig 47-a: Social Sharing Statistics